Who is Quizmaster Chris?

His melodic voice has been compared to that of a 4th tenor.  He knows not where he is, but recalls what he has seen.  He can speak at the speed of a 50 mph bus with the precision of a standard measuring cup.

A Graduate of Fordham University in the Bronx, Quizmaster Chris of New York City realized one Tuesday morning - from his winter residence in Turks & Cacaos - that people want their trivia questions answered.  Since that one shining moment, he has hosted his one-man Quiz Night events in New York City.

His questions can arrive in any of 20 categories.  He is just as likely to ask you and your team a question about the Supreme Court as he is
Night Court, the Bluth Family or the First Family, David Wright or the Wright Brothers, Central Park or Central Perk.  He knows the difference between a game of marbles and a marble rye, that the chemical symbol for phosphorus is P not PH, and is savvy enough to know he read the words of Humpty Dumpty to young children, not the words of the Humpty Dance.

He also enjoys running, the game of Monopoly, National Poetry Month, cracking open a cold can of Dr. Pepper, and the work put forth by the roster of Major League Eating.

At the end of the day he is but a humble Quizmaster who hopes to see you at one of his events.

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