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“I go to MJ Armstrongs at least a couple times a week, for the great brunch specials and dinner, but I never miss Tuesday night!  That’s when they hold their weekly Quiz night. I’ve been to other trivia nights at other bars in New York, but none compare to this one. Quizmaster Chris is probably one of the smartest guys in the city and he puts on a great show. So I suggest if you want to have a great time and be a little smarter for it, go to MJ Armstrong’s Quiz Night, every Tuesday at 7:30PM!”
- Tom R. (Team – That’s What She Said)

“In the hands of Quizmaster Chris, Trivia Night is a fantastic weekly appointment to see friends and test our collective knowledge against other teams. The game Chris puts together each week is a perfect combination of challenging and entertaining. The game isn’t easy, nor is it absurdly hard, and it’s always worth a ton of laughs, a little head scratching and loads of triumphant moments when team members congratulate the teammate who knew the correct answer. The best part about the game is that it feels all-inclusive. There are questions and categories for all comers, covering every conceivable area of interest. It’s like Jeopardy with beer and friends, no annoying clicker, and a more entertaining host.”

- Mike C. (Team – Random Sampling of Americans)

“MJ Armstrong’s has the best trivia night in New York. Quizmaster Chris scraps the pretense of some of the stuffier scenes and stumps the boisterous crowds week after week with categories like Sports, Music, Movie Stills, and New York History.”

- Jake H. (Team – The Bob Loblaws)

“If you truly want to take advantage of all that Armstrong’s has to offer, head on over on a (Tuesday) for Quiz Night where you are sure to meet the gregarious Quizmaster Chris, keeper of all knowledge unnecessary, esoteric, or just plain “Who knows that?”-inducing. Be aware, Quiz Night is not for the ill-informed, but Chris’s questions, involving everything from those irascible co-eds on A Different World to 1950s baseball to world capitals (the capital of Lichtenstein isn’t Lichtenstein City, for the record), will keep everyone involved and looking for a chance to be the team hero.”

- Dave (Team – Generation 3A)

“Quizmaster Chris dominates the NY quiz scene! There’s no one who offers a more challenging yet fun trivia night.  We love all the different categories.   Despite only answering an average of 17 out of 50 questions correctly each week at MJs, there’s nowhere Team Mom Jeans would rather be on a Tuesday night.”
-         Meaghan (Team - Mom Jeans)

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